Sheet swap

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate making beds? As in changing the sheets. It's especially bad now that we don't have a dryer and when I wash them we end up with sheets hanging everywhere, draped over every chair, shower rod, curtain rod etc.  Also, the girls have bunk beds... that makes changing sheets very, very frustrating.  Maybe if I had some nice peacock alley bedding, maybe I'd enjoy changing sheets better. but I doubt it. 

I think it took me 45 minutes to change our 3 beds today. Caylee has been wetting the bed almost daily either her diaper leaking at night, or peeing during nap time. it makes me hate changing the sheets even more!  Oh another issue with them is we have these really odd waterproof mattress pads on the girls beds, they must be too big or something because they don't stay on very well at all, and when you're trying to stretch the sheets over them it normally ends up pulling them off the corners. Yah, I hate changing sheets so much I can write a whole blog post about it.