Have you heard of Swagbucks? it's a great easy way to earn $5 amazon giftcards. I get about one every month and a half, just for searching things!! Seriously, I have the swagbucks toolbar and every time I need to look something up I just type it in there instead of google. Every few searches you win points, and when you get 450 points you can cash it in for a $5 amazon giftcard. Yes, there are other prizes or things you can win, but that's just what I choose, it's easiest for me. 
If you're really researching something you might have to use google to find what you're looking for, but always try swagbucks first! They have a decent selection of results, so if you're looking for something simple like body acne treatment, you should find something.  It's just the rare items that you have to research on google. The funniest thing about swagbucks, is I tend to win more when I misspell something I am searching for!