sleeping animals

Yesterday I went to the North Carolina zoo with my 3 kiddos, my niece and a bunch of people from a homeschool group. We had fun, Wet, chilly fun. It rained almost the entire time, one moment it would be pouring, the next minute it would be ok, then it would drizzle and drizzle and drizzle.  We bought 3 ponchos, one for me and Josiah (since he was in the sling), one for Gabbie and one to throw over the two girls in the jogging stroller. I like our jogger, but a new baby jogger city select would be nice. Actually a few of my friends have a newer version of my stroller and it is nicer too. Not that there is anything wrong with the one I have, the best part about the one I have is that it was free!! you have to love free!

I think a lot of the animals must have been sleeping or hiding from the rain because we didn't see a bunch that we were supposed to see.  The giraffes weren't allowed outside in the rain I guess, there was a sign saying that. But I don't know what happened to the Elk and other animals! The Chimpanzees and Gorilla gave us a nice show, as well as the sea lion. My favorite was the polar bear, although he did nothing but lay there... they are still one of my favorite animals!

There was one chimp that really liked Lexi, it came right over to the glass and was sitting about a foot from her, it even told her hi. It was really fun to watch, they also had a baby chimp that was born on her birthday last year, it was really cute too! The gorilla scared a group of people, it was walking back and forth in front of the glass then just turned around and jumped up and with all four legs it pounded on the glass. It was humorous to hear everyone scream from a few exhibits down!