Grilling season

Grilling season is here! I was so excited on Saturday we met Eugene's mom at Lowes to help them pick out a new grill. Since we have no place to grill we live through them. (plus we get to enjoy the food every once and a while). I couldn't believe the selection of grills though, they had something for everyone, if you had $99 or $799 there was a grill for you. Some had LED light up nobs (I guess so you can grill in the dark!?) the girls loved turning those on and off, some had searers, some had burners, some had an infrared heater, rotisseries... all sorts of fancy things.

I'm pretty sure when we finally have a place to put a grill we'll go with a simple gas grill. I can't imagine needing all the fancy bells and whistles. I want a grill to grill on, amazing concept I know.

Either way.. bring on the meat!!  (yes I am aware that there are plenty other things that taste great on grills as well..)