A late Easter post

We went to Tennessee for Easter Sunday, but when we returned home we celebrated a late Easter with my husband's family at his sister/mom's house. It was tons of fun, We hung out and ate yummy food, prepared by all. Together there were 26 of us all together and finding a place to sit to eat was interesting! They have a lot of chairs, but there were still people sitting on lawn chairs, coolers and even metal step stools! Having big families is fun, even if you end up sitting on something uncomfortable for Easter dinner. You can't replace the enjoyment of getting together, playing quelf, watching the kids all play and being silly.

We both have decent sized immediate families, The 26 that were there for Easter included my husband's family and 6 friends of his one sister. My family is a big bigger, there are 36 of us- that's just my mom, step dad, siblings and their families.  I wont even go into the size of our families if you include cousins, aunts and uncles!!