Now that Lexi is two she's learning all sorts of things. I think my favorite thing she's doing is playing pretend. I love to see little kids cooking, cleaning, playing house and dress up.

Lexi's getting quite an imagination. I've heard her talking to her dolls, even reading them stories. We also give her the freedom to pick her own clothes sometimes. When she does I just say "oh my!" some of the things she puts together are interesting to say the least. Especially the shoes she picks. I think she might be the next Manolo Blahnik.

That wouldn't bother me at all, she could take care of me when I get old, and I'd have the nicest shoes around!

She's also loving her little sister more and more each day. She tries her hardest to comfort her when she is crying, it's too cute to hear her say "I know Tayee, I know." ( Tayee is how she says Caylee). They're gonna be great friends in a few years, I just know it.