My mommy has gone to Maine

I really enjoyed the time my mom was here, but unfortunately it had to come to an end. After all she does have 4 more children all of whom live in Maine. Although I'm the youngest, I'm not the only one who matters.

Caylee got really spoiled by her Grammie, as did Lexi so I'm sure the next few days will be interesting. Too bad we couldn't have gone to Maine with her, I'd love to see all my family. Grammie bought Lexi a wagon full of Mega Blocks at good will on Saturday night and that is ALL Lexi has played with since then. Looks like getting more might be a smart Christmas present option. Lexi enjoyed playing with her letter magnets with Grammie too, she likes to show people that she knows all her letters. I haven't decided if she's too prideful of what she knows or not. We always praise her for what she does so she really doesn't know any different. In fact, sometimes she tells herself "goodjob" when doing something.

Caylee just got held a lot and hasn't wanted to be put down too much. I got spoiled cuz I had someone else here helping with the laundry and dinner! I was hoping she'd teach me to make rolls but we didn't get the chance.

We did however find the world's best fabric store yesterday! We ended up way down south of Charlotte, at Mary Jo's cloth store. it was about a walmart sized building full of just material! My mom bought a bunch of material to help her make things to start her etsy store. I just had tons of fun walking around drooling at all the pretty fabric. I WILL go back there once I get some spending money!

Life has been pretty busy lately with visitors and moving. I think we're done until Thanksgiving when we get to go to Tennessee to visit! I'm SOOO excited for that trip, we miss all our friends and "family" there.

We have been facing a few small delemas lately. One is that Eugene's work has lost a big project and pretty much has no work. The owners told them all that they have enough money to last through the end of the year. All the employees are pretty much looking for new jobs. It's not an easy task since he is a draftsman (like an architect) and everyone knows the housing market is not exactly the best field to be in.

The other thing going on right now has to do with us moving out of our old house. We had a verbal agreement with our landlord that she would give us our security deposit back even though we only gave her an 18 day notice instead of a 30 day notice like our lease says. She had been avoiding us for a few days, then finally called my husband with this news: she "hired a safty inspector" to go through the house and check for any mold. (the reason we moved out was because of a horrible mold smell in Lexi's and our bedrooms.) Well the "inspector" didn't find any mold, so now she doesn't want to give us our deposit back. She said if she gets it rented out before the end of the month she'll give it back, or she'll prorate it and give us what is left. There are a few problems with her logic... first of all we were on a month to month lease, our only requirement was a 30 day notice- despite our reasoning for WHY we moved out. Also, North Carolina state law requires her to give us writen information about where our deposit will be held and she didn't. All in all, we could both legally be wrong. We didn't give a full 30 days notice. We did give a notice, and talked to her to make sure the 18 days was enough. She said yes. We should have gotten that in writing. She failed to give us the information North Carolina law requires, she told us she would give us our deposite and is now saying no. The biggest issue is that we told our current landlord that we would be getting it back and give it to him as our deposit for our apartment.

So yah.. that's that.