Worry? I think not.

So lately all sorts of crazy things have been going on with the economy. House market is going to the dump, jobs going over seas, shortages on gas and even the market crashing.

Do we panic? are we in for another great depression. Some people say we are. I have to be honest, I can't worry about it. I can't think about how in debt we are as a country or how a ecommerce merchant account is doing. (or even what it is). Because if I think about that stuff I worry. and How can I worry. I know worrying is not the thing for Christians to do. After all God says he clothes the lily's of the valley and feeds the birds of the air, and we are way more important to him than those things. We are his children!

So when I hear something that makes me want to worry the best thing for me to do is pray about it then never thing about it again. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but each time I think about those things I have to just pray again and leave it in His hands.