Why don't boxes unpack themselves?

So we're all moved in. I think we have too much stuff, I'm getting ready to go on a mass Craigslist spree and try to sell some stuff. Yes, I know it's kinda backwards to sell things AFTER we move, but oh well!

We thought we had done good with the move, everything looked good. Until we tried to watch a movie the other day. It seems our electronics are on strike. First our DVD player wont give us any video. We can hear everything, but we get no picture. So we put the DVD in the xbox (you know, that really expensive toy I just bought my husband in July...) and it freezes. So my husband messes with it and messes with it, and tries again. It still freezes.

We ended up watching the movie on the computer. Luckily the xbox has a 2 year warranty on it, so after talking with Microsoft we learned all we had to do was mail it to them (postage paid) and they will send us a new one. YAY!

Another thing I've been busy doing is running! I'm trying to get back into it since it's been awhile. I was very pleased with myself, because even though it had been a year since I ran I still managed to do almost a mile the very first time I ran. By the 4th time I had done almost a mile and a half. Then I took a weeks break because of the moving, but I was able to still do a mile. (I haven't tried further yet, my knees are hurting a bit). Yesterday I decided I would see how fast I could run the mile. 8 minutes. I was happy with myself. I'm hoping to run a 5K in December. To someone who runs a lot that is nothing, but I've never ran much at all, and last time I was running regularly I had just made it to the 2 mile mark. running in a 5K would be an accomplishment to me.

The girls are doing quite well, Lexi counted to 9 in Spanish today. Every once and awhile we count to 10 in Spanish, French and German. We just thought it would be something fun to teach her. Caylee's face is clearing up, I'm still not sure what it was/is that was going on. She still has a few red spots and it's still dry in places too. It seems as long as I wash it (with just water) a couple times a day and put Aquaphor on it once a day it is clearing up and looks better. She did have some puking issues today. One while I was driving that was so bad she couldn't breath. luckily my mommy instincs told me something was wrong so I looked back and saw her wide eyed with spit up coming out her nose. That is one of the scarriest things to see. She does way better with the screaming/gas when I'm off milk, and it seems that the puking is related to me having acidy drinks (I had juice last night).

We have aquired an outside cat. The people who live here before us left their cat (which was apparently an inside/outside cat because it keeps trying to get inside. I felt bad for it because it was sitting outside meowing so I bought it some food. My husband is not pleased about that. He says he doesn't like cats, he's allergic so it can't be inside, but I don't see a problem with an outside cat. Did I mention it's all black? By the way, what kind of people move and don't take their pet???