Elevator fun.

We've been trying out a new church for the past three weeks, We've enjoyed that they have a special class for the girls, where they actually get a lesson and learn different Bible stories. So far everything has been good, the kids have been happy in their classes, and we've enjoyed the service.

The only thing I don't like is that the children are downstairs and we are upstairs, and the downstairs has it's own entrance. Other churches have security, either locking the doors or people patrolling, and they might too, I am just not aware of it.  There is an outside stair case to get from one floor to the other, or there is an elevator. Sunday after church I went down to pick up the girls, then went back up to meet Eugene who was talking to the pastor, and apparently some kid had hit the Call button and there was a man talking to us asking us if we needed emergency medical assistance. It was kinda interesting to tell a voice in the elevator that we were ok and someone must have hit the call button on accident.  It was a new experience for me!