Spring, spring... where art thou spring?

It's March 11th. It's 35 degrees out. I live in the south. It should be spring by now right? I'm sitting here in long sleeves, pants and socks and my feet are numb. My fingers are numb. My nose is numb.  Seriously, I'm ready for spring!!!  A few months ago we got a really high electric bill (around $360 for one month) Since then we've learned to live with the house cold. In fact, since we moved here a month ago the only room that has had the heat on is the girls room. We've turned the heat on a few times in our room as we were getting into bed, but we always turn it back off in the morning. 

I really expected it to be warm by now. Not hot, or even t-shirt weather, but at least warm enough that my feet don't freeze when I'm inside my house.  We are always snuggled up under blankets if we're sitting on the couch, Eugene even keeps himself covered with blankets when he's sitting in his chair working.  I guess we could suck it up and pay another high electric bill, but really we can't afford a higher bill than we got this month and turning on more heat would make the bill higher. So for now we'll survive.  too bad they don't have a like they have a cheapestautoinsurance.net! Heating is only available in one option here. oh well!!