I realized how little I've had a paying job in my life the other day when I got the mail. The government had sent my husband and I the little updates that tell us how much our family would get a month if one of us died, or how much we could collect on Social security disability. The amounts on mine weren't much because I honestly haven't worked much. For the past 4.5 years I've been a stay at home mom. While I was in college I had part time jobs that didn't pay much, but covered the cost of books and a little entertainment. I worked  steadily for a few years between college and being a mom and that's where most of my money came from.

Lately I have been considering trying to take classes to finish my degree. I have two years towards my Elementary Education degree. Problem is I am not so sure I want to teach elementary school anymore. I'm leaning much more towards middle school or high school math. (Yes, I LOVE math).  I'm not so sure they offer the classes I'd need to take as online classes. I'm in no rush to get it done since I'm not looking to get a job until Josiah is old enough that we can either leave the kids alone during the day, or if we decide to put them in public school at any point in time. It would just be nice to have something to fall back on if something happened where Eugene couldn't work, or we really needed the extra income. Of course, teaching jobs are really hard to come by these days so who knows if it would be worth it.  It's just a thought.