um... okay.

We are buying new locks for our doors today. For security reasons. We've had two things that just make us say "ummm.. okay."

First about a week ago I was sitting on the couch and looked down next to the cushion and there was a cap for a bottle of beer. We don't drink. We don't have wild parties where people drink. We have no clue where that came from. Also we have this plastic shoe box container that my husband keeps his clippers in. We keep it on top of the medicine cabinet. Way up high where the kids can't reach it. We just put the clippers in it a few weeks ago. We pulled them down the other day and there is a crack in it. um... okay.

Nothing is missing from our house. Nothing else is out of place. just a random beer bottle cap and a small crack in a plastic container.  I don't really feel scared. The thought of someone in our house scares me, but those two things are more just a "weird" thing than a scary thing. Who knows! but either way we're changing the locks, they weren't changed before we moved in so the people who lived here before could still have a key.

My husband wants to get a gun.  I'm not against it, he's wanted one for years. It would have to be kept somewhere where the kids wouldn't find it,  knowing him he'd want a permit to carry it and blackhawk holsters to carry it in or something. He has a little bit of redneck in his blood.  of course, I do too so it's ok.