My first swim

as you are well aware, my knees are acting up and running is not an option right now. Neither is walking. I've been very discouraged because I can't do any cardio which means I am not losing weight.   The other day I was searching the website for the local rec center and found out they have an indoor pool which is open to the public for swimming laps just a few hours a day for the cost of $1.50 per time you swim. 

After talking to Eugene we decided I'd go try it out this morning. I was there ready to get in the water by 7:15 ( it was open from 7:15-8:15, but I had to make sure I was home by 8 so I could shower and be ready to be mom so he could go to work.)  It didn't take long for me to feel like a fool. I really do not know how to swim. Yes, I can get by, I could dog paddle forever, but to actually swim laps next to people who knew what they were doing made me feel like a fool.  I explained my situation to the older lifeguard there, who was very encouraging and kept telling me to keep going, and keep trying. I was grateful for her, because the three other lap swimmers in there didn't say a word to me and I'm sure were just waiting for me to get out of the pool and out of their way. lol.

So I managed to slap around in the water for 20 minutes before my pride and tiredness made me get out of the water. I promised the life guard I'd be back Friday morning to try again. As the day goes on though my knees are starting to hurt and I'm wondering if it's from swimming or just because I didn't take any steroids today. By Friday morning I should know if my knees are going to swell back up or not. Hopefully the anti-inflammatory medicine works and keeps the swelling down. I'll live with some pain as long as I can function as a mom. Not being able to move and care for your children is depressing.

If they swell back up I'm afraid we might have to get health insurance so I can go to a real doctor and get a real diagnosis, which will probably result in some physical therapy.  I've checked out some quotes from NC Blue Cross Blue Shield so I can compare them with the quote my husband will bring home next week when he has his 90 day review which will qualify us for insurance through his work.   I guess we'll see what happens!!