New diapers

I sold some of our unused stash of diapers on Craigslist so I could purchase more Flips. I was so excited when they arrived today. Of course they arrived as soon as I hung up the diapers, so I had to do another wash for the new ones, but that's ok.

I heart craigslist. you can find anything and everything you want on there I think, or you can sell anything you want!  From cloth diapers, to clothes, to toys, to baby stuff, to cars, to houses, to animals, to thrust bearings to microwaves. you want it, you can find it there.  There's my commercial for Craigslist.  now back to the diapers...

I bought another Flip day pack with the stay dry inserts, a clementine (orange) cover and a grasshopper cover (light green). I love the colors. :) They also threw in a free pack of disposable inserts too, which will come in handy with the traveling and trips we have planned. We normally buy disposable diapers when we're traveling, just because some people don't like the thought of washing diapers in their washers, and then of course when we go camping you can't wash diapers!   I'm excited to try them out.  Now we have enough diapers that fit Josiah so that on laundry day I wont feel like I have to leave him in dirty diapers longer than I like! We have 6 organic inserts for the Flips, but right now they are a bit bulky on him, once he's a little bigger I'll use them, I loved them on Caylee.  I really like the Flip diapers, can you tell?