no more chai...

I am sad. I love chai but it seems my Josiah does not like it so much. I bought a container of Oregon Chai, and every day that I've had a glass, 12 hoursish later he fusses like crazy. Nothing other than gripe water calms him. I guess it's bye bye Chai for me!

It's been warmer here for a week or so now, I love it. Last week we went to the part 3 days in a row. I wanted to go yesterday but I seem to have come down with some weird bug. I've had a fever, head ache, achey body and today a stomach ache. It's no fun for the girls or me when I'm sick. I do a lot of sitting on the couch or laying in bed if Caylee is asleep.  They have to wait for snacks and drinks, and they have to get stuff for me. poor kids. Lexi's been super sweet though, she sits next to me and rubs my back, she'll often throw in a "I'm sorry you're sick" comment here or there.   at least she's sympathetic.