Snoring child

Today has been a little bit of a trying day. I'm tired probably a combination of a side effect of the anti inflammatory I am on and Josiah waking up a ton last night. Josiah was really fussy today and didn't let me put him down. Even as I type this he is on my chest snoring away. I got spoiled because he was going to bed around 7:30 (in his crib) and he was taking a long nap in his crib in the mornings too. The girls were also a little disobedient but Lexi was an amazingly good girl while doing school today. In fact it might have been the first time in 120 days of school that she didn't whine ONCE. She didn't throw her pencil and give up when I told her she wrote a number or letter backwards, and she didn't hide her head and pout when I asked her what something said. I was so impressed I rewarded her with some nerds. 

I did manage to get a couple phone calls made today, one for a quote for health insurance through the company we use for car, life and renters insurance.  I also looked up some car insurance reviews to see what people had to say about other companies. We've used Farm Bureau for years now, we tried State Farm but they charged so much more that we just decided to go back to our trusted Farm Bureau! for now I think we'll stick with them.