Weight and running

Have I ever mentioned that I love running for weight loss? Every time I run I lose about a pound. (if I run more than a mile or so). I know it's just my body, and I know it stops coming off at that rate eventually, but it's nice for now!  I started trying to lose weight the week before Easter, so 5.5 weeks ago. As of right now I'm down 15lbs. Guess I don't need to look up hydroxycut reviews after all. I'd be a lot better off, but for about 3 weeks, I keep losing weight during the week and gaining it back during the weekend. I've lost the same 3lbs about 4 times now. :) Yah, weekends are bad for me!  I have a feeling this weekend might be even worse, we're going camping with some of my family... and camping is always my excuse to eat junk!  I am bringing my running stuff though, and I've told my sister I want to run 5 miles on Saturday. We'll see how well I do! Hopefully I'll at least run off the extra food I eat! (like the s'mores!)


Have you heard of Swagbucks? it's a great easy way to earn $5 amazon giftcards. I get about one every month and a half, just for searching things!! Seriously, I have the swagbucks toolbar and every time I need to look something up I just type it in there instead of google. Every few searches you win points, and when you get 450 points you can cash it in for a $5 amazon giftcard. Yes, there are other prizes or things you can win, but that's just what I choose, it's easiest for me. 
If you're really researching something you might have to use google to find what you're looking for, but always try swagbucks first! They have a decent selection of results, so if you're looking for something simple like body acne treatment, you should find something.  It's just the rare items that you have to research on google. The funniest thing about swagbucks, is I tend to win more when I misspell something I am searching for!

A late Easter post

We went to Tennessee for Easter Sunday, but when we returned home we celebrated a late Easter with my husband's family at his sister/mom's house. It was tons of fun, We hung out and ate yummy food, prepared by all. Together there were 26 of us all together and finding a place to sit to eat was interesting! They have a lot of chairs, but there were still people sitting on lawn chairs, coolers and even metal step stools! Having big families is fun, even if you end up sitting on something uncomfortable for Easter dinner. You can't replace the enjoyment of getting together, playing quelf, watching the kids all play and being silly.

We both have decent sized immediate families, The 26 that were there for Easter included my husband's family and 6 friends of his one sister. My family is a big bigger, there are 36 of us- that's just my mom, step dad, siblings and their families.  I wont even go into the size of our families if you include cousins, aunts and uncles!! 

The Battleground

The Battleground had it's first show on Saturday. Unfortunately I was unable to go, between being sick and not having anyone to watch the girls we just decided it would be best if I stayed home. I missed not being there, but I know it was an awesome time, it's great to see how God is putting it all together.  We need to start thinking about things like business cards printing and insurance and stuff like that. All the little details that weren't important before, but will be as time goes on and as we have more and more shows. (not that insurance isn't important, we had event insurance, but we need to get some permanent insurance so we don't have to pay per show).

 I am just excited to see how God moves and creates this venue, this safe place for the youth to hang out!

sleeping animals

Yesterday I went to the North Carolina zoo with my 3 kiddos, my niece and a bunch of people from a homeschool group. We had fun, Wet, chilly fun. It rained almost the entire time, one moment it would be pouring, the next minute it would be ok, then it would drizzle and drizzle and drizzle.  We bought 3 ponchos, one for me and Josiah (since he was in the sling), one for Gabbie and one to throw over the two girls in the jogging stroller. I like our jogger, but a new baby jogger city select would be nice. Actually a few of my friends have a newer version of my stroller and it is nicer too. Not that there is anything wrong with the one I have, the best part about the one I have is that it was free!! you have to love free!

I think a lot of the animals must have been sleeping or hiding from the rain because we didn't see a bunch that we were supposed to see.  The giraffes weren't allowed outside in the rain I guess, there was a sign saying that. But I don't know what happened to the Elk and other animals! The Chimpanzees and Gorilla gave us a nice show, as well as the sea lion. My favorite was the polar bear, although he did nothing but lay there... they are still one of my favorite animals!

There was one chimp that really liked Lexi, it came right over to the glass and was sitting about a foot from her, it even told her hi. It was really fun to watch, they also had a baby chimp that was born on her birthday last year, it was really cute too! The gorilla scared a group of people, it was walking back and forth in front of the glass then just turned around and jumped up and with all four legs it pounded on the glass. It was humorous to hear everyone scream from a few exhibits down!

Old Time Market

Today I went to a little grocery store just a few blocks away. I think it's 5 blocks... over one, up 4. anyway... it's this little small town grocery store that reminds me a lot of the IGA that was a few miles from my home when I grew up.

You know what I'm talking about. The one where everyone knows everyone, they carry a lot, but not a lot of brands of it, if they need a price check they can just yell "how much are the bags of vidalia onions?" and someone yells back "2.99".(That actually happened while I was there.) There isn't a barcode scanner in the middle of the store to tell you the price, you have to ask an actual person. Who is more than friendly, and more than willing to help. It was cute, and so close, I'll most definitely be using this store for the "whoops I forgot to get x,y,z" trips!

My Mother's Day

I was so excited about Mother's day. I had made a triple batch of ham and potato soup, cheese cake and my yummy mint melt away brownies. We woke up, got ready for church, and walked the two blocks to church.  Half way through the music I started feeling not so swell, I was freezing and shaking as well as my whole body was aching. I decided to leave, walk home and get some rest while the kids and Eugene stayed at church. I'm glad I did, I barely made it home, and curled up in bed trying to stay warm. After a few tylenol and a rest I started to feel a little better.

We had plans to bring all that yummy food to my mother in law's house and enjoy mother's day with her. After checking with them we decided to just go over anyway. I enjoyed some of the yummy food, despite feeling like crud.

At the end of the day I went to bed early and slept very well. I can't say it was the best mother's day full of flowers and fruit baskets, but it was still good. Any day full of homemade soup, bread, salad and cheesecake is good!

Mother's Day!

Tomorrow is Mother's day. Normally it's not that big of a deal for us here, I might get a small present, and it's the one day of the year I normally get away without cooking or washing dishes. I made it easy on my husband this year, instead of him trying to think of Mother Day ideas, i told him I wanted a new pair of flip flops. :) I even ordered them myself. Made it extra easy on him.

This year is a little different, I'm not getting out of cooking and probably wont get out of cleaning, instead I am cooking for his entire family. This is the first time in years his mother has been close enough to celebrate with her. You don't realize how much you rely on your mother until she is half way across the country... I miss you mommy!  Anyway... I made up a triple batch of cheesey ham and potato soup, I'm also making mint melt away brownies and cheese cake. Yah, not making it easy this time!  That's ok. it will be worth the cheese cake.

Shopping anyone?

I am so in the mood to shop, I don't know what it is, but I just want to shop. not go out and go to stores and shop, but shop online. I'm always cautious when ordering from new sites, I'm always afraid I'm going to fall for some fake store scam. Today I got to order my Mother's day present, a new pair of Teva flip flops. I was excited, but once I bought them I just wanted to buy more and more stuff!

It's amazing to me all the things you can buy online, seriously, you can find anything. Once I bought baby turtles. I'm not kidding either. you can get food, toilet paper, shoes, clothing, furniture, you can even buy gold coins online. I'm starting to wonder if you even need to leave your house. You can even order a pizza and have it delivered. Crazy what this world is coming to. Soon we will all be a bunch of hermits who don't really know real people, we just have online friends, and online conversations. I already catch myself saying "I know someone who..." when in fact, I really don't know them, I just read their blog, or am friends with them on facebook.  Where are all the personal relationships going?

Another round of babies

no, not me. People all around me are pregnant. Not as many as when I was pregnant with Josiah, but I still know a lot of people who are pregnant! Soon dad's will be breaking out their dutch master cigars to celebrate the birth of their new babies.

I met a woman who I think is going to become a pretty good friend. She was watching Josiah in the nursery on Sunday. We have a lot of things in common, we both are mothers, use cloth diapers, breastfeed, homeschool... we had a play date the other day and our kids seemed to get along pretty good too, it was nice to see Lexi interacting with other kids. She has 3 kids and is due in the end of July/beginning of August. 

She also told me about the homeschool co-op that meets at the church, the La Leche League that meets a few blocks away and a story time that meets a few buildings down from me! It's nice to know there are things going on around here. It will give the kids and I some things to look forward to, anything for some socialization with other mommies!

Grilling season

Grilling season is here! I was so excited on Saturday we met Eugene's mom at Lowes to help them pick out a new grill. Since we have no place to grill we live through them. (plus we get to enjoy the food every once and a while). I couldn't believe the selection of grills though, they had something for everyone, if you had $99 or $799 there was a grill for you. Some had LED light up nobs (I guess so you can grill in the dark!?) the girls loved turning those on and off, some had searers, some had burners, some had an infrared heater, rotisseries... all sorts of fancy things.

I'm pretty sure when we finally have a place to put a grill we'll go with a simple gas grill. I can't imagine needing all the fancy bells and whistles. I want a grill to grill on, amazing concept I know.

Either way.. bring on the meat!!  (yes I am aware that there are plenty other things that taste great on grills as well..)

Sheet swap

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate making beds? As in changing the sheets. It's especially bad now that we don't have a dryer and when I wash them we end up with sheets hanging everywhere, draped over every chair, shower rod, curtain rod etc.  Also, the girls have bunk beds... that makes changing sheets very, very frustrating.  Maybe if I had some nice peacock alley bedding, maybe I'd enjoy changing sheets better. but I doubt it. 

I think it took me 45 minutes to change our 3 beds today. Caylee has been wetting the bed almost daily either her diaper leaking at night, or peeing during nap time. it makes me hate changing the sheets even more!  Oh another issue with them is we have these really odd waterproof mattress pads on the girls beds, they must be too big or something because they don't stay on very well at all, and when you're trying to stretch the sheets over them it normally ends up pulling them off the corners. Yah, I hate changing sheets so much I can write a whole blog post about it.

Travel books

My bestest best friend is moving to California for the summer. She is going to be spending about a week in a van with her 3 children, so I decided to try to find some simple games to throw together in a book to help keep them busy.  I found a car bingo game online, and created some games myself, then printed off 3 copies of everything. I'm so glad our printer is one of the few hp printers that has cheap ink.

I then began the cutting, laminating, cutting, whole punching and putting together the books, then I realized it was 4:20, and the post office closes at 4:30. So I woke up my sleeping child, changed her clothes because she had peed the bed, and all four of us ran to the post office. got there just in time to get it in the mail! what an adventurous day.