Weight and running

Have I ever mentioned that I love running for weight loss? Every time I run I lose about a pound. (if I run more than a mile or so). I know it's just my body, and I know it stops coming off at that rate eventually, but it's nice for now!  I started trying to lose weight the week before Easter, so 5.5 weeks ago. As of right now I'm down 15lbs. Guess I don't need to look up hydroxycut reviews after all. I'd be a lot better off, but for about 3 weeks, I keep losing weight during the week and gaining it back during the weekend. I've lost the same 3lbs about 4 times now. :) Yah, weekends are bad for me!  I have a feeling this weekend might be even worse, we're going camping with some of my family... and camping is always my excuse to eat junk!  I am bringing my running stuff though, and I've told my sister I want to run 5 miles on Saturday. We'll see how well I do! Hopefully I'll at least run off the extra food I eat! (like the s'mores!)