Annoyance is the cat that was left here by the previous renters. It's quite annoying. The neighbors have kind of taken it in, they got a flea collar for it, a food dish and even one of those neat little pet beds, It's like a cube with a little whole for the cat to climb in.

So what makes the cat so annoying? The fact that is sits in front of our door meowing all day long. The fact that when we come home and try to pull into our parking spot it gets in our way. And the fact that when we try to walk outside it is constantly under our feet. That's just a typical cat looking for attention and love you might say. Which I agree and try to pet on occasion. The issue is, it's not our cat. We don't have a cat because A) my husband and at least one of our daughters is allergic and B) we don't have the desire/time to show affection to an animal.

If we had a pet of our own, we WOULD show it attention, we wouldn't leave it outside in the cold and we'd try not to grumble when it got under our feet. Those are just things you plan on when you have a pet. I just hate that this cat is expecting all that stuff from us, but it's not our cat. Maybe I'm just mean. Maybe I just don't want to get attached to it because I know we can't bring it inside. Whatever the case... I'm annoyed with it. I feel really bad for it, because first of all, what kind of person leaves their pet behind?! second of all, you can tell it was an inside/outside cat that got lots of attention and now it's outside getting no attention. Last of all... it's now limping, I don't know what happened to it, but it is holding it's front paw up and wont put any weight on it anymore. Anyone know of a good loving home for a black cat?