Christmas Time!

Can you believe Christmas is 2 weeks away? I don't have all my shopping done yet. We still have to buy for My mother in law and her fiance. I'm not sure what to get them, but we need to hurry up and pick something because they live in Texas and we'll have to mail it.

I know lots of people who have taken Disney Vacations for Christmas. That seems like fun, celebrate the holidays with Mickey Mouse. I tell you one thing though, that's not us this year. Although I do want to take the kids to Disney, I'm planning on doing that when the youngest is old enough that they will remember. Since we plan on having about 4 kids and we only have two, our trip is years away. That's ok, we enjoy spending Christmas with family.

We have some presents under the tree already and Lexi is doing really good about not opening them. She has picked them up a couple times and played with them, but mostly to "build". We thought she'd open them the second she saw them. Although she might be avoiding opening them because we've officially told her that on Christmas (the day we open our presents) we are going to pack up all of her "bobs" (her pacifiers) and mail them to Beth, because the baby is going to need them. Hopefully that will work. I'm desperate to get rid of that thing.