Christmas Fun

Christmas is over, and the new year is just a few days away. I can't believe how fast 2008 went. It just flew by.

We had a great time this Christmas, It started Christmas eve, we woke up and it was Christmas at our house, we opened the presents then headed to visit our good friends, Chad and Christine and their son Camden. Then that evening we headed up to visit Eugene's family.

This is the best Christmas we've had in years, not only present wise, but also just with how much fun we had visiting. Everything was so peaceful and relaxing. One of my favorite memories happened Christmas evening. I spend some time hanging out with two of my nieces, we were jumping on the trampoline. First I want to say, Trampolines were not made for women who have had two babies, are a bit over weight and are chickens.

My nieces are 15 and 17, they're young, in shape, and a bit fearless. They were doing all these flips and tricks and trying to get me to do them. I was trying, really I was. The first problem was that every time I jumped... well, let's just say after two kids my bladder isn't as good as it used to be. I had to run inside a couple times to use the bathroom. Then my attempt at tricks was pathetic to say the least. I really wanted to try all those front flips. Anyone that knew me in high school knows I was a dare devil. I wasn't afraid to try too much, but flips have always scared me.

So there I was, jumping, getting height, talking myself into flipping. My mind said "Ok, I can do this,I can do a forward flip, I can." I jump, I go to tuck and flip, and my body says "TWIST!" and it twists. basically I spin my body in a circle, never making my feet go over my head or anything, just jumped in a circle. I think that happened about 6 times.

Then my nieces decided to have me try something else. Jump high, land on my butt, then my knees THEN flip over. Ok, any chicken can do this right? So I try it. I fail a few times, then finally get it. I was so proud of myself.

Then I decided I'd try to do a kartwheel. I've never been able to do them, and I thought maybe it would be easier on a trampoline. So I tried several times (not with jumping, just standing still.) The last time I tried I got over, but didn't land, infact I was a little too close to the side and smacked my foot off the frame and the springs. I hit it so hard one spring went flying off the frame.

As my niece was putting the spring back on, I sat down and noticed the trampoline felt really cold. That was when I realized what happened.

In all my twisting and jumping, I some how ripped my favorit jeans. from the middle seam across the back side of both legs. VERY close to my bottom. Since they were my favorite jeans some spots were worn pretty thin so it didn't take much to rip them. It was hilariously sad.