It was good to go "home"

Yah, even though we've lived here for a year and a half, Tennessee is still home to us. It was so nice to be able to be there for almost 10 days. We got the chance to see and hang out with everyone, it was great.

The town we lived in is just growing like crazy. new stores are popping up everywhere and there is an abundance of commercial real estate signs covering the side of the roads. It's cool to go back and see what else has showed up since we were last there.

We spent a lot of time with friends, got to go to church two weeks in a row. We even got the stomach bug while we were there. Thanksgiving day Eugene and I were locked away in a bedroom. no turkey for us! Well, we had some the day after Thanksgiving.

But now we're back in North Carolina, getting ready for Christmas with two little girls. Even though this is Lexi's 3rd Christmas, it's the first one that she's really paid attention to the tree. She is amazed by it and wants it on the second she wakes up and comes downstairs. Caylee doesn't care, obviously! :) What a great time.