The job hunt continues

Well, A month has passed since my husband was laid off. I'm realizing it's not a rare thing, many people are out of jobs. He's not having much luck finding a job, he's mostly looking in the area since we just signed a new lease two months ago. With both of our parents in Texas maybe he should look there. Think his resume will compare to Austin resumes?

He's done a few jobs from home for various architects around, but since work is so hard to come by no one wants to hire him full time. We've been able to spend a lot of time together as a family, maybe too much. The stress level here is pretty high which causes some stupid fights at times. In the 6 years we've been married we've never spend this much time together. It's kinda funny, of course we love each other, but times like this really test your patience.

On the plus side he's gotten to work on a few things that he's been wanting to for awhile, like really learning how to do websites. He's also just recently gotten hooked up with The Upper Room, a venue not too far from us that has local Christian bands come play. It's a lot like Straight Gate- a youth club he spent many, many hours volunteering at before we got married and in the first few years of our relationship. I am very excited for him, probably not as excited as he is to get back into the music ministry, since the band broke up years ago he hasn't had much opportunity to minister in this area. And trust me, this is the area God has called him to minister in. Hopefully he'll be able to really help out and get involved.