Busy, busy busy!

Well, I just got home from a Christmas party.There was lots of food, and lots of talking! Luckily I managed to stay away from over eating, so I wont have to discover Lipovox side effects
Just kidding, You know I don't use diet pills.

Anyway, Today was a VERY busy day. It started last night. We went to The Upper room, which was a lot of fun. They had a Celtic band there playing Christmas music, it was nice and relaxing, but we didn't get home until 11. Today at 12 Lexi and Eugene had practice for the Christmas program that the kids from church are putting on tomorrow. Eugene is playing the drums and Lexi is part of the choir. I was interested to see how she'd do, but she was so tired that she wouldn't even stand up there and sing. Hopefully she'll do better tomorrow.

From there we went to a Christmas party, we just hung out and ate some food like I said earlier. We left there around 5:30, Eugene dropped the girls and I off at home and headed to the Upper Room. We were all going to go, but since Lexi only slept for an hour in the car we didn't think she'd do well staying up until 11 or later again tonight. So the girls and I are home alone right now. Hopefully they'll go to bed early and I can soak in the tub for a bit then hit the hay! Tomorrow will be another long day!