Christmas is coming fast

Tonight we set up the tree. It is our first year with a fake tree, it looks ok. Lexi was so cute helping me set up the tree, then hanging the ornaments. We took a few pictures, maybe I'll get some posted on here tomorrow. I also just finished buying the first Christmas presents. I ordered the Fisher Price Nativity scene as well as some presents for some nieces and nephews. I'm hoping the nativity scene will help us explain Christmas to Lexi.

I was looking at rings the other day, because, well it's fun. I've been eying up the anniversary rings, I just think the three diamond rings are so pretty. For fun I like to look at engagement rings too. I am very happy with the ring my husband gave to me over 6 years ago when he proposed, It is just what I always wanted. Our wedding bands are my parents old bands so my set is just perfect. :)

Just a few more presents to go then I'll be done shopping. (ok, really a ton more...) I love Christmas shopping!!