Las Vegas

A friend of ours from Tennessee has moved to Las Vegas recently. It was a shock to think of him in Vegas, but he's doing The Lord's work, so I'm sure he's doing ok. I'm not sure how far away from the strip, but if we ever go I'm sure we'll need to use this Las Vegas strip map.
Not that we have any plans to go to Vegas, regardless of who lives there.

The other day he posted pictures on his facebook of snow. Yes, Snow in Vegas. How weird is that, I think it's colder there than it is here. Today it was warm enough we had the girls outside in short sleves taking Christmas pictures!

This was our second atempt at taking Christmas pictures, the first time neither girl wanted to cooperate. We finally had a good day, and good attitudes and got some good pictures! They'll be late I'm sure, but better late than never right?!