There are very few things on our list of stuff for this baby. The majority of the things we need are boy stuff- clothes, blankets, burp clothes. stuff like that.

The only two big things we needed/wanted was a certain swing and a certain bathing seat. I planned on looking used, the seat I couldn't find used anywhere, but it is only $15 new so that didn't bother me. The swing was about $75 used.

I mentioned this to my friend as we were talking about consignment sale shopping. She mentioned that the people who sold her their new house left a swing in the basement that she'd be happy to give us. Imagine my surprise when I go down there and it's the EXACT one I wanted!!

Then today while looking at craigslist, I found the bath seat. The listing was screaming at me "Click here! Click here!" When I opened it i saw that they only wanted $5!! God is so awesome. We've also been given some boy clothes from a few different people. I'm hoping to find the last few non diaper things I need at a consignment sale coming up in a few weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if God just happens to put the cloth diaper stuff I need there too!!