My pregnancy splurges are getting out of hand. Just about every day I feel I "need" candy or soda. Yes, I'm having caffeine, bad momma, I know... I could probably give up the soda (or "pop" for all you midwesterners) before I give up my candy. My candy cravings are different every day, one day it's York peppermint patties, the next Sour Patch Kids. It's not the way to live if you're trying to lose weight fast, luckily I'm not, but I also know that kind of junk is not good for the baby (or me!) Every time I have some candy or soda I tell myself "this is the last day of this, it's really not good for me or the baby." Then the next day I'm wanting some again. Don't get me wrong, I don't give in every day. I try to stick to every other day. yah I'm bad. I'll try to be better tomorrow. Promise.