It's hot again

It was over 100 F today. in case you didn't know it, that's HOT. especially when your house does not have central AC. we have a window unit in the toy room, which is a carport that has been closed in. We use fans to try to circulate that cold air, but it doesn't work. This is the last place I live in the south without central air.

Growing up we never had air conditioners, not even window units, something about being in Pennsylvania and Maine that is a little less warm I guess. :) Or maybe it was being young I didn't notice the heat as much. I think I'm just old and spoiled now.

I am excited to go celebrate my friend's baby's first birthday on Saturday. time just flies, seems like yesterday I was buying the gift for the baby shower. I remember it because the store's little tm-t88iv receipt printer thingy wasn't working. Well, that's probably not the only reason I remember it, I love buying baby stuff. :) but either way, it's annoying when the receipt printers mess up. I am so sick of buying girl presents I'm going to LOVE shopping for his present. Boys are fun, cars, things that make noise, trucks, planes, trains... so many options!

Speaking of boys and girls... We find out on Monday what we're having and I can't wait!