Boy on the brain

Since I found out we're having a boy I have been anxiously awaiting for my chance to start buying boy clothes and boy stuff. It's really driving me insane. With the strict budget we're on there's no room for going out and buying even one outfit. YET. July is a special month and it involves an extra paycheck, which is helpful because we have Lexi's birthday party coming up AND a consignment sale.

Obviously the sale is really exciting me, I am selling 90% of my girl clothes to make room for boy stuff! I will still have a budget, but we really don't need anything big, so YAY for clothes. I really wont buy too much either, because I know other's will be buying stuff, My sister has already bought some stuff for him!

I had my first baby dream last night. He was still a newborn though, so didn't have an individual look yet, just looked like a normal newborn baby. He had a head of thin dark hair like my girls had, and round cheeks like Caylee. I can't wait to kiss that baby head!!

So yah.. bring on the boy stuff!!