the eye twitch

Three days ago my eye started twitching. It happened to also be the day I found out some bad news I don't think the two were related since the twitch happened before i received the information, but there was a big of other stressful stuff that day.

Yesterday I decided to look up eye twitching and found some causes, stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, and fatigue were 4 of the 8 I found. I was also told that dehydration can cause it. So today I didn't have any caffeine, I've had over a gallon of water, and I've rested.

My eye twitched a little less than yesterday. but not enough for me to feel it was associated with any of those things. I'll try another day of no caffeine (I need to get off of it anyway) lots of water and rest (ha ha). I also had a few people tell me they had their eye twitch when they were pregnant too though, so maybe it's not time to try apply for social security disability, yet. Think eye twitching counts as a disability? he he.