Ugh. Zits

I think that whole "pregnancy glow" is a lie. a myth. thicker nicer hair? beautiful nails? glowing face? YAH RIGHT. This is my 6th pregnancy, 3rd child and not ONCE have I looked more beautiful while pregnant. In fact, my body does just the opposite I think.

My hair goes crazy and there's nothing to do but pull it up (not that I mind), my nails don't change at all and my face.... UGH. I've always had acne, I have never had a day without at least one zit, not even with the expensive acne treatments. However, when I get pregnant my face becomes so oily i can barely stand it. zits break out over my entire face, normally moving down my neck to my chest and back by the end of the pregnancy. it's SO nasty.

So maybe I do glow... however it's because the sun is reflecting off the 3lbs of oil on my skin.