icky, oily skin

Seriously, why am I so oily?! Today while cooking supper I was so hot I had sweat dripping down my back. Gross. the sweat only bother's me a little, the acne on the other hand... I wish it would go away. I just heard about pronexin, anyone ever heard of it or used it? It says it's all natural, and has pretty good reviews, it's also pretty cheap compared to other acne treatments.

So it might clear my acne... but it probably wont help me stop sweating when it's 95 degrees in my house huh? We have a window unit which for the past month we've been running and using fans to blow it throughout the whole house. Then yesterday we got our electric bill. Yah, it was almost double what it normally is so we decided we'll just have to be hot.

I guess I'm just bound to be a hot, stinky, sweaty person- at least until fall.