Dirty diapers

We love our cloth diapers and i love our diaper sprayer. So far I haven't had to use it for Josiah's diapers yet, we haven't even hooked it up since we moved. I've missed it though, even though we don't need it for diapers. I got in the habit of using it for the little potty when Caylee uses that. She doesn't use it often but if I'm feeding Josiah or can't get up for some reason. And I'm not going to lie, every once and awhile I forget that she used the little potty so it sits for a few days.... A diaper sprayer comes in really handy then. 

We bought ours from cotton babies, but I've heard of people making them using a sprayer (like you'd have on the kitchen sink) and a metal hose attached to the hose that fills the toilet. I'm sure it works just fine and probably doesn't cost $40.