Faith Like a Child

God calls us to have faith like a child, (Mathew 18:3) and the longer I am a parent the more I understand what exactly that means. Children trust their parents, they accept what they have to say and don’t question them, they just know if mom or dad says it, it will happen. (at least until they are a certain age!) That is how we are to look at God’s promises, just know that if Daddy said it, it will happen!!
The Bible also tells us that as his Children He has given us each gifts, some teachers, some healers, some prophets, some preachers etc. (1 Corinthians 12). I’m starting to think we have a healer in our house.
I’ve been struggling with my knees since we moved in here a month ago. I’ve had almost 4 weeks of pain and swelling, aside from the two times I’ve been on prednisone. Several times in the past month Caylee has asked me to get her something or carry her and I’ve had to tell her not now, or that I couldn’t because I have boo boo knees. She would almost always come over to me, put both of her hands around my knee and then walk away. Sometimes she’s throw a kiss in there. I didn’t think anything of it, She’s Caylee, she does odd things sometimes.
This morning she said she had to go potty so I got up to take her. (i’m on my second round of prednisone and my knees are feeling fine) On the way to the bathroom we had this conversation:
Caylee: Mommy, do you have boo boo knees?
Me: no, they are better
Caylee: Now you can really hold you me cuz I prayed your knees better!
It followed by me thanking her for praying for my knees and me tearing up at the realization that at 2.5, She had prayed for my knees and knew they were better because of her prayers.  I think she will have many heavenly trophies and awards waiting for her!
Oh how I with I had the faith of my child.