Green thumb

My mom has the ultimate green thumb I think. Growing up our house was full of plants. Life filled our house, green leaves everywhere we turned.  of course that wasn't always a good thing, because we also had dogs, and well, dogs like to run and play etc. Many times while we were gone they would play a little too rough and knock over the plants. We'd come home to dirt everywhere. Makes me wonder what would have happened if my mom used hydroponics instead of traditional soil plants, some days I think our house would have been flooded by the number of plants they could tip over in a few hours.

Since we've been married I've been on and off with plants, I normally have about 3-7 at a time, I'm not bad with them, but I'm no where as near as my mom is at keeping them looking healthy and pretty. I only try easy plants. The best I ever had mine look was one summer about 6 years ago, I lived with some good friends while Eugene was on tour. They had an amazing deck and I set my plants out there for the summer, watering them every once and awhile. They tripled in size over the summer, they must have just got the best light and weather there. They looked beautiful.

Then I moved into our apartment when he got done with the band and one fall night I left them outside... it got too cold and that was the beginning of the end for most of my plants.  It was sad since several of them I started from pieces of my sister's plants. Right now I have 3 plants, they are all doing well, but some day when we have our own house and nice deck I hope to get several more and do my best to make our house feel more like my house growing up.