my wonderful laundry octopus

I wish a laundry octopus was some 8 armed person who came to my house and did my laundry, but it's not. It's almost that nice though...

Laundry is not that exciting, and since moving into our new apartment a month ago I have had to start hanging my clothes to dry. That makes laundry even less appealing to me. Especially since we have no where outside to hang clothes, which means laundry becomes the focal point of our house. every day.

Over a year ago I bought something from Ikea. I had no clue how much I would grow to love this. It's especially helpful for hanging up socks, wash cloths, underwear and... diaper inserts! We use it when we go camping for wash cloths and bathing suits too. It is by far amazing, and I wish I lived closer to an Ikea so I could get another one. of course, with a nice payday advance I would purchase way more than that...

My laundry octopus was well worth the $4.99. Go to Ikea, buy one. they are amazing.