Old memories

I've been thinking about some old memories, not real old, just some things that happened when Eugene and I first started dating. We were involved with a church that had family camp-outs twice a year.  We were also semi involved with the youth.  One of the camp-outs I remember very distinctly.

At the time of the camp-out I was a nanny for two families. I watched four children, two four year old boys and two one year old girls. Eugene and I were newlyweds and active, he was big into rollerblading and I was... well, trying.  I was not good at all, and one particular time we had taken one of the boys out for a bike ride around his neighborhood while we rollerbladed.  While going down a small hill i got nervous and decided to bail... only I, being the smart person that I am, chose the paved driveway over the grass yard. needless to say I ended up with a foot long, 6" wide strip of road rash down my leg.  very painful.

Fast forward about 4 weeks to the time of the camp-out. We're helping/hanging out with the youth/young adults.  we were playing games. one of the games was shoes wrestling. pretty  much the point was to get each other's shoes off while keeping yours. the last one with at least one shoe on was the winner.  There were about 25 of us to start,  and i made it to the top 3. It was me and two guys. They decided neither of them could handle me alone, so they tag teamed me. I was attacked.   one of them pined me down and the other put my leg between his and pulled down. At that moment, any scab that had formed over my road rash was torn off. (no I didn't give up the game, I still fought, but they got my shoes off).

One thing I know... road rash hurts. I can't imagine being in a bad accident and getting road rash over the majority of your body. Ouch.