Sun, Sun, Mr Golden sun...

Where did you go?!

Last week we saw weather in the upper 60's and low 70s. this week we've had snow, rain and 30 degree weather. Um.. isn't it spring?!

The cold wet weather has slowed down my painting. I got the living room painted while it was still warm, and the fumes were so strong we had to keep the windows open with fans in them for 2-3 days.  I'm afraid to paint the dinning room because it's too cold to open windows. the thought of us being in here all closed up with paint fumes doesn't sit to well with me. So we're living in a house with spots all over the wall... maybe some day it will warm up enough to paint again!!

We're still working on making the living room look good. I haven't hung any pictures yet, we have so many big walls that I don't know where to put the pictures we have! We've hung the front speakers for our surround sound, but we need to get some speaker stands and figure out some way to hid the wires for the rear speakers before we get full surround sound. I hope to get the house feeling like our home sometime soon, maybe then I wouldn't be ready to move already!!