There are so many days I spend stressed to the max from the kids. I feel like all I ever do is get stuff for them, wipe their bottoms, cook, clean, break up fights and clean up messes. Some days I feel like all i do is yell at them, and those days I can't wait for bedtime. Then when I crawl into bed I'm a big exhausted mess, feeling like being a mom is just a straining job. I feel guilty for not spending time with them and guilty that they watch tv. Those days I start thinking about ending my full time mom career and  starting health care careers.

Then there's days like today. Days when I remember they will only be this age once. Days when I remember that a little mess is ok. Days when I remember that it doesn't matter if it takes me a few minutes longer to make supper when they help. Days that we play, do crafts, make messes, bake together, cook together and snuggle together.

Days like today when I let go and have fun, and realize that being a mom is awesome when you take the time to enjoy it.