warm sunshine + fresh air+ being at the park = tired momma!

I don't know what we were thinking moving to a place that doesn't have a yard. I guess we were thinking it was winter so we don't go outside much. Now that the warm weather is visiting, I've missed the yard. Just being able to walk out our front door and play in the grass, or ride bikes was nice. There is a park about half a mile away from here, which is what I was counting on using when we thought about moving here.

Today the kids and I walked there to get some fresh air. I hate being cooped up in the apartment all the time, so it was nice to get out! Plus it gave them a chance to get some energy out of their system, gave me a bit of exercise, and I was hoping we'd find some other kids there. We ended up being the only ones their for most of the time so they didn't make any friends.

Watching them run around and climb and play was so nice though, it's a small park, all fenced in, so I relax a bit there, plus we were the only ones playing.  I love to see them use their imaginations as they play in the sand and race to climb up and slide down the slides.  It gave me some great toddler gift ideas as they sat in the sand making homes for their "friends" (the acorns they found on the ground).  We were there for probably an hour and a half at least, then we started our short walk home, we took a little break for some ice cream at a cute little ice cream and coffee shop.

I think we're all worn out now, they are sitting on the couch watching tv for the first time today (something we've been working on cutting out!), Josiah took a nap and I'm sleepy!!  I did open all the windows and get dinner in the oven before I sat down though, which is good because I don't want to get up!