the eye twitch

Three days ago my eye started twitching. It happened to also be the day I found out some bad news I don't think the two were related since the twitch happened before i received the information, but there was a big of other stressful stuff that day.

Yesterday I decided to look up eye twitching and found some causes, stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, and fatigue were 4 of the 8 I found. I was also told that dehydration can cause it. So today I didn't have any caffeine, I've had over a gallon of water, and I've rested.

My eye twitched a little less than yesterday. but not enough for me to feel it was associated with any of those things. I'll try another day of no caffeine (I need to get off of it anyway) lots of water and rest (ha ha). I also had a few people tell me they had their eye twitch when they were pregnant too though, so maybe it's not time to try apply for social security disability, yet. Think eye twitching counts as a disability? he he.

hair question..

I noticed something the other day, after almost 5 months of my hair falling out it's finally stopped. I'm sure that's due to the pregnancy and higher intake of calories, but I just wonder why it was falling out in the first place.

Yes, I was dieting and running, but I was still getting plenty of calories and eating a pretty well rounded diet. I was on the border of looking for a hair loss shampoo it was seriously falling out by the handful every morning. Luckily my hair never looked thin, or weird, it stayed healthy looking, my house on the other hand looked like there was some crazy long haired dog living there that was shedding like crazy.

Has anyone else had a problem like this when they were training for a half marathon, or losing weight?

Pool time

Last week I ordered a blow up pool for the kids to play in. It's not a huge one, but it's big enough for me to be able to sit in and the kids play too. I ordered it on amazon because I had $15 in gift cards from swagbucks. It only ended up costing us $8, it arrived today and we've got it blown up and now it's filling.

Lexi is super excited to be able to play in it, the two little ones are napping but I'm sure they'll be thrilled when they see it too. And just in case they're not we still have our little 3" deep pool they can play in. I'm hoping this is my accredited online degree in how to keep kids cool and happy. I guess I'll find out after lunch assuming it doesn't storm...

icky, oily skin

Seriously, why am I so oily?! Today while cooking supper I was so hot I had sweat dripping down my back. Gross. the sweat only bother's me a little, the acne on the other hand... I wish it would go away. I just heard about pronexin, anyone ever heard of it or used it? It says it's all natural, and has pretty good reviews, it's also pretty cheap compared to other acne treatments.

So it might clear my acne... but it probably wont help me stop sweating when it's 95 degrees in my house huh? We have a window unit which for the past month we've been running and using fans to blow it throughout the whole house. Then yesterday we got our electric bill. Yah, it was almost double what it normally is so we decided we'll just have to be hot.

I guess I'm just bound to be a hot, stinky, sweaty person- at least until fall.


There are very few things on our list of stuff for this baby. The majority of the things we need are boy stuff- clothes, blankets, burp clothes. stuff like that.

The only two big things we needed/wanted was a certain swing and a certain bathing seat. I planned on looking used, the seat I couldn't find used anywhere, but it is only $15 new so that didn't bother me. The swing was about $75 used.

I mentioned this to my friend as we were talking about consignment sale shopping. She mentioned that the people who sold her their new house left a swing in the basement that she'd be happy to give us. Imagine my surprise when I go down there and it's the EXACT one I wanted!!

Then today while looking at craigslist, I found the bath seat. The listing was screaming at me "Click here! Click here!" When I opened it i saw that they only wanted $5!! God is so awesome. We've also been given some boy clothes from a few different people. I'm hoping to find the last few non diaper things I need at a consignment sale coming up in a few weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if God just happens to put the cloth diaper stuff I need there too!!

Boy on the brain

Since I found out we're having a boy I have been anxiously awaiting for my chance to start buying boy clothes and boy stuff. It's really driving me insane. With the strict budget we're on there's no room for going out and buying even one outfit. YET. July is a special month and it involves an extra paycheck, which is helpful because we have Lexi's birthday party coming up AND a consignment sale.

Obviously the sale is really exciting me, I am selling 90% of my girl clothes to make room for boy stuff! I will still have a budget, but we really don't need anything big, so YAY for clothes. I really wont buy too much either, because I know other's will be buying stuff, My sister has already bought some stuff for him!

I had my first baby dream last night. He was still a newborn though, so didn't have an individual look yet, just looked like a normal newborn baby. He had a head of thin dark hair like my girls had, and round cheeks like Caylee. I can't wait to kiss that baby head!!

So yah.. bring on the boy stuff!!

Ugh. Zits

I think that whole "pregnancy glow" is a lie. a myth. thicker nicer hair? beautiful nails? glowing face? YAH RIGHT. This is my 6th pregnancy, 3rd child and not ONCE have I looked more beautiful while pregnant. In fact, my body does just the opposite I think.

My hair goes crazy and there's nothing to do but pull it up (not that I mind), my nails don't change at all and my face.... UGH. I've always had acne, I have never had a day without at least one zit, not even with the expensive acne treatments. However, when I get pregnant my face becomes so oily i can barely stand it. zits break out over my entire face, normally moving down my neck to my chest and back by the end of the pregnancy. it's SO nasty.

So maybe I do glow... however it's because the sun is reflecting off the 3lbs of oil on my skin.

It's a boy!

We had the ultra sound on Monday and found out it's a boy. We're super excited because I'm so sick of pink!!! :) Plus it will add some diversity to our drama filled house. :) I already know from watching my 2.5 year old nephew that it means a lot more running around, it's better than taking a fat loss pill!

The baby was healthy and looking good, VERY active. I have to go back around 30 weeks for another ultra sound because the placenta is low, hopefully by then it will go up to where it needs to be so there are no problems with delivery.

Now we get the fun task of choosing a boy name! We have a couple picked out but we can't seem to agree on one. We're thinking about just waiting until he's born and seeing what he looks like but I think that might drive me insane!!


My pregnancy splurges are getting out of hand. Just about every day I feel I "need" candy or soda. Yes, I'm having caffeine, bad momma, I know... I could probably give up the soda (or "pop" for all you midwesterners) before I give up my candy. My candy cravings are different every day, one day it's York peppermint patties, the next Sour Patch Kids. It's not the way to live if you're trying to lose weight fast, luckily I'm not, but I also know that kind of junk is not good for the baby (or me!) Every time I have some candy or soda I tell myself "this is the last day of this, it's really not good for me or the baby." Then the next day I'm wanting some again. Don't get me wrong, I don't give in every day. I try to stick to every other day. yah I'm bad. I'll try to be better tomorrow. Promise.


I read a great post this morning about striving to be a perfect mom and it really hit home. Not too long ago that was me losing control, screaming, longing to just be alone for a few days. no kids. I couldn't handle them, they were too much. They didn't listen, in fact they did the opposite of what I said. Lexi screamed at me, threw temper tantrums if she didn't get her way. My life was miserable because I couldn't make my kids obey. we went on vacation and I was embarrassed at my children's behavior, so embarrassed I cried when I left my friend's house because I felt like I had completely failed as a mom.

It wasn't until two weeks ago that it honestly hit me... I CAN'T DO IT. That's what God wanted me to realize. Just like my friend Beth says in her post, we can't be a perfect mother by our own power, even if we somehow could achieve this, how would it glorify Him?

Although I didn't stop reading my Bible I wasn't applying anything. Like someone wanting to lose weight with diet pills, they can read all the curvatrim reviews they want, but until they diet and exercise and take the pills nothing is going to change! No I am not promoting diet pills, But as Christians we do the same thing, we read a chapter of our Bible a day and walk away thinking that we're going to become great Christians, perfect parents, spouses and friends all because we read a verse. It's not going to happen that way. You have to actually choose to starve the flesh and feed the spirit, you have to choose to put on the armor of Christ, you have to choose to show the fruit of the spirit not the vices of the world. I was choosing the opposite of what I was reading.

What are you choosing?

It's hot again

It was over 100 F today. in case you didn't know it, that's HOT. especially when your house does not have central AC. we have a window unit in the toy room, which is a carport that has been closed in. We use fans to try to circulate that cold air, but it doesn't work. This is the last place I live in the south without central air.

Growing up we never had air conditioners, not even window units, something about being in Pennsylvania and Maine that is a little less warm I guess. :) Or maybe it was being young I didn't notice the heat as much. I think I'm just old and spoiled now.

I am excited to go celebrate my friend's baby's first birthday on Saturday. time just flies, seems like yesterday I was buying the gift for the baby shower. I remember it because the store's little tm-t88iv receipt printer thingy wasn't working. Well, that's probably not the only reason I remember it, I love buying baby stuff. :) but either way, it's annoying when the receipt printers mess up. I am so sick of buying girl presents I'm going to LOVE shopping for his present. Boys are fun, cars, things that make noise, trucks, planes, trains... so many options!

Speaking of boys and girls... We find out on Monday what we're having and I can't wait!

Babies Babies everywhere!

I know so many pregnant women! and everywhere I go I see more. I'm not sure what's going on, there are about 12 other women that I know of that are due right around the time I am. It's crazy!! I haven't had to send a wedding gift lately, but if I gave a gift to everyone expecting a baby I'd be out of money for a year! Crazy stuff!!

A little note about my experience with this pregnancy, I do not recommend losing a bunch of weight and getting pregnant if you don't have money to buy new clothes. I felt really good about the way I looked (in a few new outfits I had) before I got pregnant and started showing. Now I just look and feel fat. I have a few outfits that at the right time of day I look pregnant in, but all of my maternity clothes are WAY TOO BIG. Even if I was bigger, it's a completely different season this time around than it was with the girls so I'd still be having a hard time. I did manage to buy one maternity shirt last Saturday which I love and I'd buy one in every color if I could! :)

We have a little over a week until we find out whether we're having a boy or a girl and I'm so excited I can barely stand it! I hope it's a boy, I'm getting tired of seeing the same clothes over and over. However, as long as it's a healthy baby I will be happy!!