Generic vs brand name

I've always been a frugal, penny pincher, tight wad or whatever you want to call me. I normally don't even bother with coupons unless it makes the product cheaper than generic. In the past one of the only things I have been picky about only buying name brand is toilet paper. That's one of those things that is not worth buying generic, you use twice as much generic toilet paper to do half the work of Cottonelle, so we buy the good stuff.

However, I just found another item that I think I will be forced to buy name brand from now on.... flour. i accidentally bought the Gold Medal flour the other day, and made my chocolate chip cookies. I couldn't believe the difference, not just in taste, but in look. These were picture perfect, award winning cookies. Tonight I made pizza. The crust was 100 times better than normal.  I don't think I'll be able to go back.

It just makes me wonder if the saying that generics are just as good as name brand is wrong with everything, I'm afraid to try other name brands now.   I can understand buying name brand medicines or a colon cleanser, but soap, spices, sugar? is it all better?!


Beckie said...

I only buy Gold Medal or Pilsbury Best. Land O Lakes butter and Domino confectioners sugar. Deffinately worth the extra pennies. I find lately generic stuff is really unrelaible in it's consistancy. Take frozen veggies. If I buy wal-mart frozen broccoli cuts, I get only woody stem pieces with just a couple florettes. If I buy Birds Eye, I get more florettes than stems. SO as frugal as I also am, I find it much more worth my money to go with brand name much of the time than waste it on the generic.

When it comes to spices, off brands are equal to anything else you get at the supermarket. If you want fresh good quality spices, you need to find a natural food store or spice store. I actually find that these spices are even cheaper because they buy them in bulk and sell in cheaper packaging.