A lighter load?

Today my sister in law quit her job, which means I quit mine too since I watch her kids. :) As I get further along in my pregnancy I've been getting more pains, more stress and more tired. Chasing two two year olds who fight continuously makes my days quit challenging. Add to it Lexi who has been really whiny and you get a very unhappy, crabby, not very nice mommy (or aunt).  I've noticed Lexi picking up on even more bad habits, and the way she treats me (yelling at me, completely disrespecting me and giving me dirty looks) is nothing more than a mirror of the way she sees me treating her.

So I'm hoping with a little lighter load maybe I can be a better mommy, and a better aunt when I do get to see the kids. Of course there is always the chance that it wont be any easier with just my two kids... some days they can be quite.... fun.  I also hope I can get the last few things I need to get done, done around the house. If we come up with some extra money I'd love to make a little visit to see my sister's before Josiah is born too. We wont need to take an rv, or get a rv insurance quote, but a visit with my sister's would be nice. :)