I think I like cooking. I haven't decided. Sometimes it's great and sometimes I hate the chore.
The days that I hate it I blame it on my ever so picky husband. I'm serious, he's picky (I still love him though). The majority of our meals consist of meat and potatoes or pasta. Veggies are made for Lexi and I, the only "veggie" Eugene will eat is corn.
The days I like cooking are days that I am actually able to find a recipe for something exciting that my husband will actually eat. I had one of those days the other day. I made homemade scalloped potatoes with kielbasa in it. It was pretty good if I might say so myself.
Another thing that helps me like cooking is fun cookware. I really like my square stone baker that I got from Pampered chef. Another Pampered Chef thing I can't live without is my veggie peeler- it rocks and it's pretty cheap. I stumbled upon some berndes cookware the other day. I bet a nice set of that would make me like cooking. I'm sure they are worth every penny.
My mom used to cook some of the best food, all from scratch of course, none of the boxed food ever came in our house. I wish I had paid more attention while she was cooking, I bet I would like cooking more now if I had. I'd atleast be able to cook some more food!


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Awww... linked to my site! And I didn't even have to pay you $5. :-D