And then there were two

Last night I was proudly showing trying to show Eugene Lexi's new tooth. She had been determined all day not to let me touch it or look at it. He finally figured out a way to trick her into letting him feel. It was very creative; he would open his mouth and say "ahhhhhhhh" while rubbing his finger across his bottom teeth then say "your turn" and put his finger towards her mouth. She fell for it, opened her mouth wide saying "ahhhh" and let him rub his finger across her gums. well he insisted he felt two teeth, I kept looking, as much as she would let me, but I only saw one. So we were in a small discussion all night about if there was one tooth or two. This morning she woke up (still with her fever) and while eating her generic fruit loops i saw two teeth. Yup, he was right, I was wrong. I admit it. If they come out as fast as they are coming in we'll need to take out a payday loan to pay the tooth fairy.