How unhealthy are americans?

The way our bodies work hasn't changed much since they were created but the food we eat has changed drastically. Fast food, easy food, microwaveable meals, eating out, precooked. These words describe most of our diet. Most people know Trans fat is really bad for you, but did you know that if there is less than .5 gram of trans fat per serving they do not have to put it on the nutrition facts? If you see the word hydrogenated in the list of ingredients that means it has trans fat in it. There is a lot we would need to change in America if we wanted to see the obesity rate go back down, see less cancer and disease as well as have healthier citizens. We would first have to start eating healthy to get all the junk out of our bodies, we would probably have to close all fast foods chains and take all junk food off the shelves in store while replacing them with raw fruits and veggies.

A few months ago I was watching a TV show about how unhealthy we are because of choices we have made. This particular guy was talking about the colon and how important it is to keep our colon healthy. Did you know that colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.? Toxins from the food we eat cause colon cancer as well as other problems. Constipation is the biggest problems Americans face with their colons. With constipation, the toxins are setting in our colons longer than normal and our bodies absorb the toxins. The longer we are exposed to the toxins the higher our risk of disease. Did you know that the average American only goes to the bathroom once per day, where as every other countries average is 3 times per day. Even if you only go to the bathroom once per day you still have 3 meals worth of waste building up, which is why it is healthy to go 3 times a day. The point the guy on the TV show was trying to make was that in order to be healthier we need to detoxify, there are a few ways to detoxify, one way is a colon cleanse. A healthy colon weighs 4lbs, some autopsies have found colons weighing more than 40lbs, John Wayne and Elvis were two of the people mentioned on this show, one had 40lbs of waste in them and one had 60. can you imagine that? you could do a colon cleanse and loose up to 40lbs!! Talk about instant weight loss!


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