The many, many uses for baking soda

I have been fighting with deodorant for years, I'd find a brand and scent I liked and after a few months it would stop working and I'd start stinking around noon, so I'd switch brands. This went on and on, every few months I'd have to switch brands and scents. I was getting quite annoyed with stinking by noon even when I hadn't done anything to work up a sweat. My armpits were always irritated and just seemed unhealthy. I learned many years ago that antiperspirant was bad for you, it clogs your pores so that you don't sweat; I wanted to get away from this but almost all deodorants have antiperspirant in it. About a month ago I came across this great site that has many healthy, safe, natural tips on everything from cleaning to beauty and cooking. One of the things I've learned from there is all the things you can use baking soda for.

One of these uses was as deodorant, you mix it with cornstarch and pat it on. This has been amazing! Not only does it save money on expensive deodorant, it works wonders! It doesn't make you stink, it doesn't leave white marks on your clothes, and it made my armpits look and feel healthy again!

Baking soda is also great for cleaning everything from the tub, to the fridge and even getting odor out. Not only is using baking soda for all these things frugal, it's natural too!

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