lexi's one year old well visit

Today was Lexi's one year old well child visit- her first Dr appointment at the new doctors office. We didn't get to see a doctor, only a nurse practitioner, but she was really nice. Anyway, here is the results of her visit:
  1. She weighs 19lbs (10th percentile)
  2. she's 28 1/2" long (between 25th and 50th percentile)
  3. her head is 48 1/2 cm (way over 100th percentile as usual)
  4. She needs to go see a eye dr about her tear ducts getting cleared
  5. She got 3 shots
  6. Two in the leg

    and one in the arm

7. and a finger prick
8. We found out right before the shots that our temporary insurance does not cover well visits so now we owe the Dr's office $221